Hello Band Members!

Hope you folks are excited to have a website that will represent your band and showcase how great you are!  I’ve seen you perform at various events in my 7 plus year on this job and every single time I’ve gotten goosebumps hearing you perform.  I really enjoy your shows!

With that said; I would like to welcome you to your new website.  I have been working to try and make the site suit the band as best as possible.  Right now I have set up accounts for each band member who currently has an email address.  You can log on to the site to view your calendar and receive updates on practices and upcoming events.

You will also receive email updates when new stuff gets posted to the website.  There are 2 email lists:  A General List for anyone to subscribe to and receive email updates on upcoming events and new merchandise and a Band Members ONLY list that will send out emails for members only.

So far the website looks good on my end when viewed on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.  I am not too happy with the way the site is displaying on Internet Explorer 8 – which unfortunately is the the court’s standard browser.  I really wish they would update their browsers – but I guess that would mean they’d have to switch up the plugin extensions they use for Kronos.  When internet browsers are old and out of date it makes it harder for updated websites to be displayed properly.  IF anyone sees any kind of issues when they are browsing the site please email me and let me know so that I can fix it.

On your welcome page you will see a list of band members who are currently registered on the site.  This welcome page can only be viewed by members as well as the calendar and this post.  If there are any band members not currently registered on the site and would like to join please let Rob know.

I enjoy designing websites and am very honored to be working on yours!

Thank you!

Jessica Peña